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v2.8.4 ~ Where is my mind (ce)

Release date: April 17th, 2019.

This release is mainly a maintenance release. It ships with more performance improvements and fixes a few bugs reported by the community.

The API has also now been fully documented. It is in 2 parts: the API documentation which is available on our help website, and the API reference which is built directly from the open api specifications files.

Some dependencies have also been updated including jQuery, in regards to the latest security issues.

2.8.4 - 2019-04-17


  • PB-48: Improve the performance by removing the creator/modifier from the passwords workspace grid query
  • PB-159: Remove the usage of canjs connect-hydrate module


  • GITHUB-315: The permalink of password don’t work anymore
  • PB-147: Update appjs steal dependencies
  • PB-152: The webinstaller should work with Firefox ESR
  • GITHUB-299: The passwords are shown twice in passwords workspace grid
  • GITHUB-10: Selecting a group on the users workspace should not reset the grid “Last Logged In” column to “Never”
  • GITHUB-62: Sorting the users on the users workspace should not break the infinite scroll
  • PB-160: Update appjs jquery dependencies
  • PB-163: Update jquery dependency
  • PB-102: Fix install process should not create schema dump lock file
  • PB-204: Escape shell variables of the passbolt mysql export shell command

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