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v4.8.0 ~ Angel (ce)

Release date: May 21st, 2024.

Passbolt v4.8.0 is a maintenance release focusing on the migration of the browser extension to the latest MV3 architecture and adding tools for administrators to help them manage their instance.

This release marks the introduction of the first version of the MV3 extension for Chrome. The transition to MV3 has been in progress since last year, with changes rolled out progressively until now. The base code between MV2 and MV3 is nearly identical, and both extensions will continue to be maintained in parallel. A detailed blog post explaining our migration process will be coming soon.

A new feature allowing administrators to purge audit logs from the command line was added. This will help reclaim database space for logs that are no longer relevant, improving the performance of long-running instances while keeping necessary logs for forensic and audit activities.

Purge Action Logs Command fig. Purge Action Logs Command
Purge Action Logs Command Dry Run fig. Purge Action Logs Command Dry Run

A new command has also been added to help administrators debug issues with their SMTP server. Email functionality is crucial for Passbolt, and diagnosing connection problems is not always straightforward. This new command aims to simplify the process when connecting to a new SMTP server as well as understand errors that could occur on existing integration.

Show queued emails command fig. Show queued emails command
Show queued emails command with all options fig. Show queued emails command with all options

As passbolt moves towards supporting more content types this year, significant work has been done to enhance performance across the entire stack, from the database to the API and the browser extension. This release includes some of these improvements, with more enhancements on the way in the next coming release v4.9.0.

We hope these updates enhance your experience with Passbolt. Your feedback is always valuable to us.



  • PB-33071 As an administrator I can purge the action logs table with a dedicated command
  • PB-33231 As an administrator I want to know if a custom certificate is in use for SMTP
  • PB-32579 As an administrator I can view email_queue records via passbolt command


  • PB-32888 As an admin I should not get a time-out on health checks on air-gapped network
  • PB-32983 Access email settings only when emails are sent


  • PB-33451 Fix 500 error on authentication when nonce is not a string
  • PB-33073 As a user logging in, invalid login operation should not be logged as success in the audit logs
  • PB-33234 The application should not throw an error if the JWT public key is not parsable


  • PB-30314 Bump passbolt/passbolt-test-data to v4.8

Browser extension


  • PB-33541 Chrome Extension Manifest upgrade to version 3
  • PB-33595 As a user running an instance serving an invalid certificate I should be able to sync the gpgkeyring
  • PB-33596 As a user running an instance serving an invalid certificate I cannot sync my account settings
  • PB-33597 As a user running an instance serving an invalid certificate I cannot install passbolt extension using an API < v3
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