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v2.13.0 ~ Hammer to Fall (ce)

Release date: June 24th, 2020.

This release introduces some database changes. Make sure you follow the minor update documentation to roll out this new version.

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The team is pleased to announce the availability of Passbolt CE v2.13. This release includes new functionalities, most notably the email digest functionality.

Email digest

The email digest functionality will help you combine email notifications of the same kind into one single message. So, it will group similar emails for a given user, for a given time period (the frequency of passbolt email cronjob) or when a volume limit is reached. This will help reduce the email notifications, especially when you import/share a lot of passwords at once.

An example of digest with two deleted resources. fig. An example of digest with two deleted resources.

You can enable this feature by switching the following line in your server crontab:. /var/www/passbolt/bin/cake EmailQueue.sender

To /var/www/passbolt/bin/cake Passbolt/emailDigest.sender

You can also test the feature by calling it directly in the command line on your server.

Server key rotation

It is now possible to extend an expired server key and have the user accept the new server key without performing an account recovery. When the key change, the user will be prompted to accept the new one.

Server key change configuration. fig. Server key change configuration.

Migration to react

Part of the work done with this release includes some major refactoring of the front end code as part of the migration process to React. So, you will see some other visual changes for example, when loading the share dialog.

You can expect more visual changes in the upcoming releases.

Breaking changes

Another notable change: as part of this release we upgraded the OpenPGP.js. This may be a breaking change if you are using old OpenPGP keys with unsecure 2-byte hash. If you use such a key we advise you to try to re-export your private key from Gnupg to produce a more secure hash and perform an account recovery.




  • PB-1168 Add baseline code and tests for Debian package build
  • PB-1067 As a user I can receive digest emails when creating a lot of resources
  • PB-1067 As a user I can receive digest emails when added/removed from a lot of groups
  • PB-1284 Add tasks and services to re-validate existing data


  • Pro Styleguide version bump v2.13.13
  • Appjs version bump v2.13.7
  • PB-1046 Adapt Cleanup test runner to take in account cleanup that are adding records
  • PB-1046 Adapt Cleanup shell task to allow external sources to add cleanup tasks
  • PB-1046 Remove empty EmailTraits files
  • Delete unused default keys (cleanup)
  • Update to latest passbolt_test_data version.
  • Misc refactoring for email notifications
  • Misc refactoring to split model logic into services
  • Clear plugins in tearDown of application test cases


  • GITHUB-350 No mails are sent when providers offer AUTH PLAIN authentication only
  • Fix appjs plugin requestUntilSuccess bug
  • Fix load webinstaller plugin manually in plugin tests
  • Fix composer php version.
  • Fix misc checkstyle issues
  • PB-980: Fix “secret access logging in password activity log should not display other resources secret access after a multiple share”

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