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v2.0.0-rc2 ~ Planète mars (ce)

Release date: February 20th, 2018.

This releases fixes a few issues reported by the passbolt users that have switched to the v2.0.0-RC1. It also ships with a few cosmetic improvements as well as new healthchecks and debug tools to ease the installation process. For example you can now call the following command to send a test email and get some information to debug your setup:

$ ./bin/cake passbolt send_test_email
 Debug email shell
Email configuration
Host: localhost
Port: 25
Username: user
Password: *********
TLS: false
Sending email from:  (y)
Sending email to: [email protected]
A test email could not be sent.
Error: Connection refused

To report any bug / feedback / improvement suggestion regarding passbolt v2.0.0-rc2, you can do it through the traditional channels (github and community forum). Please add v2.0.0-rc2 in the title so we can identify it more easily. This release candidate is a major version upgrade, so it requires more steps compared to a usual update.

What next? We are currently putting the finishing touches on new features, including export, import, a web installer, and tags. Stay tuned!

Passbolt API


  • PASSBOLT-2638: Added command to test email configuration and SMTP communication
  • PASSBOLT-2608: Implement Sidebar v2 in the Appjs
  • PASSBOLT-2660: Add codacy badge
  • PASSBOLT-1741: Add more GPG healthchecks
  • PASSBOLT-1741: Add PHP extension checks to the healthcheck
  • PASSBOLT-2597: Add check before upgrade to ensure passbolt is already in latest 1.x
  • PASSBOLT-2631: Add an env var to control which email transport to use and defaults to Smtp
  • PASSBOLT-2601: Add Travis v2: phpunit, coverage, phpcs


  • PASSBOLT-2618: Fixes for PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • PASSBOLT-2624: PR#219 Fixed use CONFIG instead of “ROOT . DS . ‘config’” (by OdyX)
  • PASSBOLT-2631: Fixed default class for EmailTransport to Smtp in configuration
  • PASSBOLT-2640: Fixed incomplete urls in email templates
  • PASSBOLT-2640: Fixed escaping of non safe characters in emails
  • PASSBOLT-2667: Fixed regression: create a user that has been deleted previously returns an error
  • PASSBOLT-2673: Fixed regression: as AD I cannot create a group with the name of previously deleted group
  • PASSBOLT-2545: Fixed regression: As AD deleting a group I should be notified that all members of the group gonna lose access to the passwords shared with the group
  • PASSBOLT-2139: Fixed check sessions calls are logged as error
  • PASSBOLT-2139: Fixed not found image on password workspace
  • PASSBOLT-1741: Fixed set license to AGPL-3.0-or-later for composer compatibility
  • PASSBOLT-2589: Fixed App-js should check request response code from the http response header and not from the body header
  • PASSBOLT-2533: Fixed resource name, username, uri, description min length should be 1 char not 3
  • PASSBOLT-2660: Fixed remove flash message from login layout

"Nés dans le ciel, vivant dans le soleil"

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