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v2.0.0 ~ Insomnia (ce)

Release date: April 10th, 2018.

This is not an April fool! Passbolt v2.0.0 is ready and available for download.

Kindly note that this is a major version release. If you are still running on the v1.x branch, you will need to follow a specific upgrade procedure.

The main aspect of this release is the upgrade of the passbolt api code base to CakePHP v3. It also ships with improvements such as a simplified configuration system, a better XSS protection and more tolerant validation rules. See the full list below.

This release is a complete rewrite of passbolt server component. We now have a code that is better organised, easier to read and simpler to maintain. Don’t just take our word for it: this new code base has been audited by CakeDC, the experts behind CakePHP. Check out the result of this independent 3rd party code review.

Below is the list of the changes since passbolt v2.0.0-rc2.

Passbolt API


  • PASSBOLT-2725: Implement start page when passbolt is not configured
  • PASSBOLT-2740: Update <3 link and add unsafe mode warning
  • PASSBOLT-2697: Add passbolt migrate shell with backup option prior migration
  • PASSBOLT-2803: Make the privacy policy footer link configurable in the settings
  • PASSBOLT-2720: Move development dependencies out of the passbolt_api repo
  • PASSBOLT-2511: passbolt pro bootstrap is moved in a separate folder


  • GITHUB-229: Fix passbolt can not run in a subdirectory
  • PASSBOLT-2776: Fix: As AN, settings entry point should be able to have plugins settings whitelisted
  • PASSBOLT-2762: Fix unexpected error on resource share
  • PASSBOLT-2754: Change the way to define if passbolt is installed while running the unit tests
  • PASSBOLT-2571: Delete secrets when a password is soft deleted
  • PASSBOLT-2688: Fix healthcheck warning if the development plugin passbolt_test_data is not loaded
  • PASSBOLT-2711: Delete orphans secrets
  • PASSBOLT-2678: Edit Appjs API calls to use version number
  • PASSBOLT-2694: Improve GPG lib to handle private keys validation
  • PASSBOLT-2744: Favorites delete on group user delete
  • PASSBOLT-2743: Favorites delete on permissions update
  • PASSBOLT-2705: Increase coverage, ensure all users who lost access to a resource have no a secret in db for this resource
  • PASSBOLT-2735: Display a specific message if a sidebar section has not content to display
  • PASSBOLT-2664: Change cakephpConfig into settings entry point and adjusted app-js to work with it

Passbolt Docker container


  • Added composer installer signature check according to official composer docs #91


  • Base image switched to php:7-fpm (debian based) due performance issues with passbolt and alpine based images
  • Web user is now www-data
  • Supervisor provides better logging to stdout
  • Upload max filesize increased to 5M for avatar uploads
  • README documentation updated
  • Composer file loads images directory in passbolt container as a docker volume

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