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v1.0.12 ~ Brick House (ce)

Release date: May 31st, 2016.

This release brings an interesting new feature: the possibility to see the list of the users a password is shared with at a glance, directly from the sidebar.

v1.0.12 also comes with its fair share of bug fixes, and some UI improvements. As usual, we have also worked on increasing the coverage, mostly for the selenium tests.

Passbolt API

Added improvements

  • PASSBOLT-1572: As LU, I should be able to see which users a password is shared with directly from the sidebar.
  • PASSBOLT-1407: As a LU there is no visual feedback when I upload a picture and that the process is in progress.

Fixed bugs

  • PASSBOLT-1439: Email is sent as anonymous when a user is created from the console.
  • PASSBOLT-1509: As LU, when a password is shared with me in read only, I should not see the delete menu available in more.
  • PASSBOLT-1579: Segfault at the end of setup when trying to display login form.
  • PASSBOLT-1576: Fixed Hash component warning message in EmailQueue.
  • PASSBOLT-1322: Insertion of comments in unittest dataset display an error in the console.
  • PASSBOLT-1234: Authentication token used for account registration expiracy check.

Passbolt Firefox Add-on

Added improvements

  • PASSBOLT-959: Plugin version number should be in the footer.
  • PASSBOLT-1488: As AP, I should not be able to complete the setup if I import a key that already exist on server.

Fixed bugs

  • PASSBOLT-1255: Button height issues + missing tooltip on setup.

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