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v2.8.3 ~ Blue Monday (pro)

Release date: April 1st, 2019.

This release introduces some new dependencies and database changes. Make sure you follow the minor update documentation to roll out this new version.

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This new release of Passbolt Pro Edition ships with “passwords activity”, which takes care of providing the activity history corresponding to a password. With it, it is possible to track who created / edited / accessed or shared a password, and when. You can find this new section in the right sidebar after selecting a password.

Audit log: resource activity screenshot fig. Audit log: resource activity screenshot

Password activity lays the foundations of the “Audit Log” feature which will follow in the coming weeks.

This release also ships with the much awaited “quick access” and “auto-fill” features. It is now possible to access your passwords directly from the browser extension, and have your forms auto-filled in a click.

Quick access screenshot fig. Quick access screenshot

“Quick access” will keep evolving in the coming weeks with some improvements on the “auto-fill” part, or the possibility to add / edit a password directly from it.

The Ldap connector also comes with a few improvements, most notably the possibility to test the connection and browse the objects returned by the directory before actually using the synchronization.

Ldap: test settings screenshot fig. Ldap: test settings screenshot

This release also includes an upgrade to the latest cakephp version : 3.7, which means that passbolt is now compatible for most parts with PHP 7.3. We will keep supporting 7.0 until the next Debian stable release, but we invite you to switch to 7.2 as soon as possible.

Another improvement is the possibility to disable import / export manually, by adding some configuration in passbolt.php.

 'plugins' => [
     'export' => [
         'enabled' => false,

Finally the Passbolt OpenAPI specifications are also available. You can find the API specifications in a swagger compatible format on this new repository. It will be updated soon with a more detailed documentation, including code examples, to ease the learning curve.

Passbolt Web Extension


  • PB-3: Quickaccess: Simplified app to access passwords from the browser extension

Passbolt API


  • PB-1: Audit Logs - Browse the resources and see the activity logs to see who is doing what on them


  • PASSBOLT-3327: LDAP: Improve administration UI
  • PASSBOLT-3328: LDAP: Add test connection option
  • PB-2: Upgrade to CakePHP 3.7
  • PB-60: Performance - Add index on tags table
  • PB-95: Implement Import / Export enable switch


  • PASSBOLT-3409: LDAP: Fix “error should be explicit when ldap module is not installed”
  • PASSBOLT-3443: LDAP: Fix “in settings, username and password should not be compulsory fields”
  • PASSBOLT-2121: Fix passbolt should run in a subdirectory

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