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v2.6.1 ~ Stairway to Heaven (pro)

Release date: December 6th, 2018.

This is a maintenance release that fixes some issues introduced by the previous release. It also gives more flexibility during the installation to skip providing some email settings.

A big thank you to Julius Haake, Alain Devarieux and Nate Curry for reporting these issues.

Passbolt API (Pro Edition)


  • PASSBOLT-3273: Username and password should not be compulsory in email settings, in web installer


  • PASSBOLT-3281: LDAP: fixed case issue in AllSync tasks calls
  • PASSBOLT-3282: LDAP: defaultUser or defaultGroupAdminUser should not break the form if corresponding to a non existing user
  • PASSBOLT-3267: LDAP: The exceptions thrown by the DirectorySync controllers should be explicit
  • PASSBOLT-3268: LDAP: BaseDN should not be mandatory
  • PASSBOLT-3269: LDAP: Search on administration screen should be disabled

"And it makes me wonder"

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