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v2.5.1 ~ Thunderstruck (pro)

Release date: November 15th, 2018.

This release introduces some new dependencies and database changes. Make sure you follow the minor update documentation to roll out this new version.

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This new release of Passbolt Pro Edition introduces new multi factor authentication providers: Yubikey and Duo. These functionality relies on third party services to work, so you will need to make sure both servers and client have access to the service providers, as well as accept the terms and conditions of such providers.

Duo and Yubikey providers in setup fig. Duo and Yubikey providers in setup

Once you have upgraded to the latest version you can follow the documentation to configure these new providers in the configure section of the help pages.

This release also ships with few fixes and some nice improvements, the most notable one being the possibility to select all passwords in a single click to perform bulk operations.

Select all passwords for bulk action fig. Select all passwords for bulk action

A special thanks to this release contributors, who reported bugs or submited pull requests, keep them coming!

Passbolt API (Pro Edition)


  • PASSBOLT-3001: Add support multiple factor authentication using Yubikey
  • PASSBOLT-3110: Add support multiple factor authentication using Duo

Passbolt API (All)


  • PASSBOLT-2694: As a server administrator I can install Passbolt CE in a few clicks using a web installer.
  • PASSBOLT-3093: As LU I can select all passwords to perform a bulk operation


  • PASSBOLT-3166: Add PHP 7.3 job on travis
  • PASSBOLT-3119: The Web Installer should control the route with a middleware
  • PASSBOLT-3153: The Web Installer health checks should ensure the config files can be written before continuing
  • PASSBOLT-3120: Improve the Web Installer code coverage
  • PASSBOLT-3127: The Web Installer should change the config folder permissions after the installation is completed
  • PASSBOLT-3152: As AN completing the registration process, if I’m following the link to download the browser extension I cannot go back easily to the registration process
  • PASSBOLT-3189: As AD migrating passbolt to the latest version I would like the CakePHP cache to be cleared with the same operation


  • PASSBOLT-3150: I should not see duplicates rows when I filter my passwords by keywords
  • GITHUB-290: A user who have not completed the setup should be allowed to request a new token using recover
  • PASSBOLT-3188: As LU the UI shouldn’t crash if the uri of a password cannot be parsed

Passbolt Web extension (2.4.4 & 2.4.3)


  • PASSBOLT-3093: As LU I can select all passwords to perform a bulk operation


  • GITHUB-52 As AP I should be able to generate a gpg key with a comment
  • Update openpgpjs to v4.2.0

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