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v2.3.0 ~ Shine On You Crazy Diamond (pro)

Release date: September 5th, 2018.

We are happy to announce the availability of passbolt directory synchronization feature. With this feature you can add and remove groups and users directly from your OpenLDAP or Active Directory and the changes will be reflected in passbolt. It is currently available as an experimental plugin for Passbolt Pro Edition users. While this connector has been extensively tested during August we would like to start testing with more data sets and environment prior to announcing a final stable status for this feature.

Example of Active Directory synchronization fig. Example of Active Directory synchronization

If you would like to test this feature, please fill out this quick survey. This will help us make sure this version meets your requirements as well as provides you with the right amount of information on how to setup the connector.

Please note that the php ldap extension is now a requirement. I should be straightforward to install on most systems. For example on Debian:

$ sudo apt-get install php-ldap

Or on Centos

$ sudo yum install php-ldap

This release introduces a much awaited improvement which now allows when deleting a user to transfer blocking permissions. This release brings a few small user interfaces and improvements, such as placeholder labels when something, like the resource description, is empty.

Example of user delete screen with permissions transfer fig. Example of user delete screen with permissions transfer

Thanks to @bjozet and @colinfrei for their contributions.

Passbolt API


  • PASSBOLT-2999: Add Ldap plugin2


  • PASSBOLT-2950: Display empty feedbacks content.
  • PASSBOLT-2971: Reset the workspaces filters when a resource or a user is created.
  • PASSBOLT-2267: As an admin deleting a user I can transfer ownership of this user shared passwords to another user or a group that have read access.


  • PASSBOLT-2965: Group filter link stays active after switching to a non group filter.
  • Route rewriting of the appjs should take in account passbolt installed in a subdirectory.
  • Fix the loading bar stuck in the initialization state in some cases.
  • PASSBOLT-2969: Enforce steal to load the latest version of the appjs.
  • Fix Email notifications being sent several times when an AppShell is instantiated inside an AppShell
  • PR227: Fix some small date discrepancy in changelog.
  • PR4: Fix typo in tag text message.

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