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v2.14.0 ~ Sunshine (pro)

Release date: August 25th, 2020.

This is a maintenance release. It ships with a some bug fixes and improvements for the server, mainly performance improvements for activity logs and better feedback for LDAP error messages.



[2.14.0] 2020-08-25


  • Add an option to the migrate shell task to avoid clearing the cache after the migration is completed


  • PB-1429 Fix “ldap error messages are incorrect in case of validation issues”
  • PB-1431 Fix “LDAP: a notification should not be sent to a group administrator requesting him to add a non-active user.”
  • Fix: user_id should be saved in action_logs table after successful login
  • PB-1370 Folders: Fix Performance improvement while retrieving items associated folder_parent_id and personal status
  • Fix user setup completed admin email notification
  • PB-1391 Fix a resource modified field should be updated when its secret is modified
  • Fix display a validation error when db password contains a quote or db name contain a dash
  • PB-1413: Fix “User last_logged_in virtual field should be based on action logs”
  • PB-1484: Fix “LDAP: The user of a ldap group that cannot be synced should not have their memberships synchronized”


  • PB-1464 Add configuration option for Log module in order to blacklist the logging of certain entry points that cause too much volume.
  • PB-1464 Remove ‘AuthIsAuthenticated.isAuthenticated’ log entries from db and prevent further logging.
  • PB-1464 Add indexes in action_logs related tables in order to improve password history performances.
  • Add an entry to secrets_history when a resource is shared with a new user.
  • Appjs version bump v2.13.9

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