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v2.13.0-RC1 ~ In The Air Tonight (pro)

Release date: May 29th, 2020.

The team is pleased to announce that the much awaited folders feature is available for testing as part of this release candidate.

The goal of folders is to provide a tool for passbolt users to easily organize passwords. The users will be able to use nested folders (or directories), in a way that is familiar to what they are used to, for example in a fashion that is similar to a file system or a password manager like Keepass.

Folders in action! fig. Folders in action!

Passbolt being a collaboration tool, this feature also allows setting permissions on folders, and greatly facilitates sharing of resources as well as subfolders. For example, if you select a folder and create a resource / folder within it, it will reuse the permissions of the folder. Similarly, permissions of the parent folder will be applied when you move items inside the folder. Moreover, inherited permissions will be removed when you move items out.

In the next few weeks, we will release more content to explain the advanced behaviors of the feature and all the possibilities it offers. In the meantime, you can have a look at the original specifications for more information.

How to test this release

This is a release candidate. Test it before rolling it out in production.

Some of the features in this release are experimental, so while they were tested with great care, they may not be completely free of bugs or performance issues. We advise you not to test this release into your production environment, but to create a separate dedicated environment to test the feature.

It is possible to test this release by switching to the development branch of the code base, by running the following on your server in your passbolt directory:

$ git fetch origin
$ git checkout -b develop origin/develop

From there, you can follow the regular procedure from the update documentation.

You can provide us with bug reports on github, and provide us feedback about the feature on the community forum or by contacting us at [email protected].

What else is new?

Email digests

Another new functionality is the email digest functionality: it will combine email notifications of the same kind into one single message. So, it will group similar emails for a given user, for a given time period (the frequency of passbolt email cronjob) or when a volume limit is reached. This will help reduce the email notifications, especially when you import/share a lot of passwords at once.

An example of digest with two deleted resources. fig. An example of digest with two deleted resources.

You can enable this feature by switching the following line in your server crontab:. /var/www/passbolt/bin/cake EmailQueue.sender

To /var/www/passbolt/bin/cake Passbolt/emailDigest.sender

You can also test the feature by calling it directly in the command line on your server.

Server key rotation

It is now possible to extend an expired server key and have the user accept the new server key without performing an account recovery. When the key change, the user will be prompted to accept the new one.

Server key change configuration. fig. Server key change configuration.

Migration to react

Part of the work done with this release includes some major refactoring of the front end code as part of the migration process to React. So, you will see some other visual changes for example, when loading the share dialog.

You can expect more visual changes in the upcoming releases.

What’s next?

Unless there are any major roadblocks, we will be publishing a stable version with the Folder feature in June, with possibly some behavioral changes and bug fixes requested by the early testers. It will also include some other interesting features such as advanced reports.

Another interesting feature will be the release of a debian package for passbolt server next week. We will post more information about it soon.

Thank you for your support and stay safe!




  • PB-1165 As a logged in user I can create a folder
  • PB-1213 As a logged in user I edit folder permissions
  • PB-1165 As a LU I can delete folders (with and without cascade)
  • PB-1165 As LU I can move a resource in a folder I own
  • PB-1253 As a LU I can move folders
  • PB-1214 As a LU I cannot create cycles when moving/sharing folders
  • PB-1046 Cleanup shell tasks for folders
  • PB-1164 As GM while deleting a group I should be able to transfer ownership of folder if necessary
  • PB-1164 As AD while deleting a user I should be able to transfer ownership of folder if necessary
  • PB-1168 Add baseline code and tests for Debian package build
  • PB-1067 As a user I can receive digest emails when creating a lot of resources
  • PB-1067 As a user I can receive digest emails when added/removed from a lot of groups


  • Pro Styleguide version bump v2.13.10
  • Appjs version bump v2.13.0.
  • PB-1046 Adapt Cleanup test runner to take in account cleanup that are adding records
  • PB-1046 Adapt Cleanup shell task to allow external sources to add cleanup tasks
  • PB-1046 Remove empty EmailTraits files
  • Delete unused default keys (cleanup)
  • Update to latest passbolt_test_data version.
  • Misc refactoring for email notifications
  • Misc refactoring to split model logic into services
  • Clear plugins in tearDown of application test cases


  • Fix appjs plugin requestUntilSuccess bug
  • Fix load the plugin license manually in the integration tests
  • Fix load webinstaller plugin manually in plugin tests
  • Fix composer php version.
  • Fix misc checkstyle issues
  • PB-980: Fix “secret access logging in password activity log should not display other resources secret access after a multiple share”

Web extension


  • PB-658 Add folder create dialog and service
  • PB-658 Add rename folder dialog
  • PB-658 Add select and scroll to a folder after creation
  • PB-658 Add store folder in local storage when logged in
  • PB-658 Add create a resource or folder into a folder
  • PB-658 Add support for creating resource with parent permissions
  • PB-658 Add support for creating folder with parent permission
  • PB-658 Add loading state to share dialog
  • PB-658 Add folder share recursive
  • PB-658 Add folders move in bulk (resources and folders)
  • PB-658 Add support for multi resource move with permissions changes
  • PB-658 Add folder delete dialog
  • PB-658 Add cascading folders delete
  • PB-1059 As a user I can import folders from a kdbx file
  • PB-1059 As a user I can export resources and folders to a kdbx file


  • Fix package-lock.json and rebuild extensions
  • Fix share dialog autocomplete search, only the last API query result should be shown.
  • Fix file format for export and file download by adding mime type.
  • Fix linting
  • Fix react app pagemod
  • Fix React app to supports theme changes


  • PB-799 Migrate share to react
  • PB-799 Migrate resource edit dialog to react
  • Add support for structured model entities
  • Add npm version in package.json
  • Do not display the domain the extension is configured for when triggering reconfig on another.
  • Fix backward compatibility with v2.12
  • PB-1089: Bump dependencies to higher versions
  • Styleguide update

"Can you feel it coming in the air tonight."

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