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v2.13.0 ~ Hammer to Fall (pro)

Release date: June 24th, 2020.

We just published an article on the blog to give a quick overview of this new ‘Folders’ feature.

Discover the 'Folders' feature

The team is pleased to announce that the much awaited “Folders” feature is available to Passbolt Pro and Passbolt Cloud subscribers as part of this release. Most of the improvements for this release are fixing issues reported by the community, from the release candidate that was released a few weeks ago.

Thank you to everyone who helped us test and iron out the last kinks!

Folders in action! fig. Folders in action!

Another notable change: as part of this release we upgraded the OpenPGP.js. This may be a breaking change if you are using old OpenPGP keys with unsecure 2-byte hash. If you use such a key we advise you to try to re-export your private key from GnuPG to produce a more secure hash and perform an account recovery.

This release introduces some database changes. Make sure you follow the minor update documentation to roll out this new version.

Read the doc




  • PB-1347 As a Passbolt server administrator I should be able to use advanced filters for the ldap queries.
  • Folders audit log
  • PB-1284 Add tasks and services to re-validate existing data
  • Add contain options (creator.profile and modifier.profile) to the folders view and index entry points


  • Appjs version bump v2.13.7
  • Pro Styleguide version bump v2.13.13
  • Cache the list of users folders relations while performing a bulk SSCs detection
  • PB-1320 Folders performances fix missing folders tables indexes


  • GITHUB-350 No mails are sent when providers offer AUTH PLAIN authentication only
  • PB-1328 Fixed various folders email issue
  • Fix group delete sole owner of non shared folders issue

"What the hell are we fighting for?"

Listen to the release song!
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