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v2.1.1 ~ Loungin (pro)

Release date: June 14th, 2018.

Passbolt night mode fig. Passbolt night mode

This release introduces a new dark theme that you can use in the place of the black on white default theme. The goal for this theme was to be easier on the eye for people who stare at the screen for a long period of time (sounds familiar?).

To switch to this new dark theme, click on your profile and select the theme option in the navigation. Because of this new feature, a database migration is required for this release. Make sure you follow the update procedure.

Switching themes fig. Switching themes

This release includes a major rewrite of the javascript front-end code with an upgrade to CanJS version 3. We are very pleased by this upgrade as it will also us to ship features faster in the future.

Another simple but notable improvement is the ability to copy the username to the clipboard with one click on the username in the table view cells or the right sidebar.

Another new feature: during setup, the key passphrase will now be checked against a dictionary of recent password leaks using the Pwned Passwords range API. This secure and anonymous check is only performed if the passphrase is longer than 8 character, as any passphrase shorter is not secure anyway.

Next stop: the much awaited LDAP integration!

Passbolt API


  • PASSBOLT-2878: Add support for dark theme
  • PASSBOLT-2861: Add copy username to clipboard on click


  • GITHUB-101: Fix the readme should point to the documentation for how to upgrade passbolt
  • PASSBOLT-2682: Fix healthcheck entry point when logged in as admin and debug is false
  • PASSBOLT-2869: Fix GPG wrapper should recognize the correct type and bit length
  • PASSBOLT-1917: Migrate to canjs 3.x
  • PASSBOLT-2883: Fix logout link should not prevent event propagation
  • PASSBOLT-2886: Fix fingerprint tooltips in user group management dialog
  • PASSBOLT-2894: Fix missing div breaking elipsis on long url in password workspace
  • PASSBOLT-2891: Fix group edit users tooltips
  • PASSBOLT-2884: Update header left menu. Remove home and add help.
  • PASSBOLT-2885: Update user settings menus
  • PASSBOLT-2895: Fix notifications homogeneity
  • PASSBOLT-1337: Fix a logged in user should not be allowed to login or recover
  • PASSBOLT-1337: Remove gpg json sign middleware
  • PASSBOLT-1337: Wordsmithing healthcheck GPG feedback

Passbolt Web extension

Added improvements

  • PASSBOLT-2878: Add support for dark theme
  • PASSBOLT-1773: Add check if passphrase is part of a dictionary

Fixed bugs

  • GITHUB-268: Fix remember me checkbox label should be clickable
  • GITHUB-46: Fix security token validation regression
  • PASSBOLT-1773: Fix press escape to close master password dialog regression
  • PASSBOLT-2854: Fix bug tags imported are always the same
  • PASSBOLT-2887: Fix iframe resize issue
  • PASSBOLT-2883: Fix logout link and remember me cleanup

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