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v2.10.0 ~ Owner of a Lonely Heart (pro)

Release date: May 16th, 2019.

This release ships with some nice improvements on the LDAP connector, administration interface and quick access features.

The Ldap connector configuration UI and mapping rules have been revamped to provide a better experience, mainly for OpenLdap and FreeIPA users.

The connector should now be compatible with most cases and configurations. We have added the possibility to add a custom mapping when the directory has been heavily customized, a better error reporting in the UI (when the directory entries follow an incorrect format), and the possibility to handle entries without a valid email address (through a prefix / suffix system). We believe these improvements will smoothen the user experience with the LDAP connector.

Use email prefix / suffix option in ldap fig. Use email prefix / suffix option in ldap
Better error reporting for ldap entries fig. Better error reporting for ldap entries

Another improvement is the email notification settings section in the administration dashboard. As an administrator, you can now configure the email notifications from the admin UI.

Email notifications configuration screen fig. Email notifications configuration screen

Finally, it is now possible to browse passwords using filters in the browser extension “quick access”. The filters that were already accessible through the web UI are now available in the “quick access”: Favorites, Items I own, Recently modified, Shared with me or even Groups and Tags. Check it out.

Quick access with filters fig. Quick access with filters

We hope you’ll enjoy this update!

2.10.0 - 2019-05-16


  • PB-165: As AD I should be able to change my organization email notification settings via an administration screen.


  • PB-276: Merge organization settings code into CE. Ground work for administration features.
  • PB-169: LDAP: Implement email prefix/suffix on the User Directory Settings administration screen.
  • PB-188: LDAP: Implement ignored entries in “test connection” popup.


  • PB-231: LDAP - ignored entries should not be validated during test connection.
  • PB-226: LDAP - Fix “Openldap doesn’t work with UI configuration”.
  • PB-37: LDAP - implement user feedback: usersParentGroup and groupsParentGroup filters should be case insensitive

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