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v2.0.7 ~ Struggle (pro)

Release date: May 9th, 2018.

Security notice: Nginx user, please review your configuration file to make sure you are using the correct application root. It should be: /var/www/passbolt/webroot

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This release fixes issues introduced by the v2.0.5 both in the webextension and in the API. As you can see version v2.0.6 is skipped in the history because it was used as quickfix to revert the breaking changes with login when running API version < 1.6.10.

Please note that the version 1 will reach end of life by the end of the month. Make sure you update your instance before the end of the month. This will allow us to drop the support for the legacy v1 API in passbolt version 2 and makes the rollout of new features easier.

Passbolt API

Fixed bugs

  • Fix missing css on error pages
  • Add version numbers to CSS and JS files calls to prevent caching
  • Fix do not enable debugKit when debug is set to true

Passbolt Web extension

Added improvements

  • Fix backward compatibility issue with legacy API.

"Now it ain't easy..."

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