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v2.0.5 ~ Everyday struggle (pro)

Release date: May 8th, 2018.

This is a maintenance for both Passbolt Pro and Community edition. It fixes issues reported by the community such as the vulnerability reported by Matthias vd Meent, considering the use of an unsecure pseudo random number generator when generating passwords. You can learn more about the issue on the dedicated incident page.

This release fixes the issue related to the share autocomplete that was not working for groups where the name was two letter long. This release also offers better feedback to help deal with server side errors at login.

It also includes an important upgrade of the core library used for the cryptographic operations OpenPGP.js. This upgrade will allow passbolt to support Public-key cryptography using elliptic curves. We will first need to test this out in detail before rolling it out, to make sure the limitations are clearly documented especially when it comes to the integration with GnuPG.

Passbolt API


  • PASSBOLT-2764: Fix Groups autocomplete does not work with less than 3 characters
  • PASSBOLT-2826: Upgrade styleguide to v2.1.0
  • PASSBOLT-2812: Rebuild fixtures with updated public keys

Passbolt Web Extension


  • PASSBOLT-2857: Fix password generator does not use secure PRNG
  • PASSBOLT-2853: Upgrade to OpenPGP.js 3.x
  • PASSBOLT-2853: Improve error feedback on login


  • GITHUB-35: Fix login redirects in wrong tab
  • PASSBOLT-2764: Fix share autocomplete search concurrency issue on result display
  • PASSBOLT-2853: Cleanup config defaults

"Everyday like a hustle"

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