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v2.0.2 ~ Mass Appeal (pro)

Release date: April 17th, 2018.

This is a maintenance release that fixes a bug related to the v1 database migration.

Thanks to @shochdoerfer for his contribution.

Passbolt API


  • GITHUB-242: Add Auto-Submitted header to the email notifications


  • PASSBOLT-2806: Force database columns charset and collation
  • PASSBOLT-2781: Increase length of resource uri field in model validation
  • PASSBOLT-2696: Fix regression: placeholders in registration form are missing
  • PASSBOLT-2791: Fix providing a string instead of an array in Email. From configuration generates a warning in SendTestEmailTask.php

Passbolt Docker container


  • GITHUB-100: Unable to load a jpeg image as avatar.
  • GITHUB-98: adds email-sending-job everytime you restart the container.


  • Removed composer binary after dependency installation
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