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v3.7.1 ~ Last Day (pro)

Release date: August 12th, 2022.

This release is a maintenance release fixing some compatibility problem with Postgresql and ironing out some of the bugs reported by the community. We wish you a good end of the summer.

Browser extension


  • PB-18420 As AN completing the setup I should understand what information the account recovery feature will treat


  • PB-18421 As a developer I can build a custom theme


  • PBL-07-004 WP1: Finished account recovery aids future key compromise



  • PB-18381 Fix source language typos
  • PB-18397 Fix as an admin I can generate a server key with the webinstaller within an instance over http
  • PB-17096 Fix resource_types name and slug postgresql compatibility
  • PB-18372 Bump styleguide version to 3.7.1
  • PB-17068 PBL-07-003 Remove non necessary user id enumeration possibility
  • PB-17068 Fix postgresql compatibility issue

Fixed (Pro)

  • PB-18486 Removes all resources_tags entries for tags that are not shared and for which the user_id is set to null.
  • PB-18398 Fix tag regression: sets associations name to be CakePHP compatible
  • PB-18427 Fix LDAP/AD SELinux issue on RHEL
  • PB-17072 Quotes fields in a join condition fixing Postgres
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