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v3.7.2 ~ Knight Of The Jaguar (pro)

Release date: September 13th, 2022.

This release is small maintenance release mainly fixing bugs reported by the community.

The API and the browser extension have also been prepared to welcome new themes. If you wish to contribute and propose your theme, checkout the blog article: How to create a custom passbolt theme with the UI Kit.

Hope you are all doing fine.

Browser extension


  • PB-16898: As AN I want to the full list of supported browser if I’m not using one
  • PB-18495: As LU I want to see effective date as tooltip of calculated relative date
  • PB-17152: As LU for a first install with chrome, I wish to see the ‘eye catcher’ with a good contrast

  • PB-18659: As LU I want to be able to give to folder names up to 256 characters

  • PB-17062: As a developer I can customize and test new theme on storybook
  • PB-16946: As a developer I want to have a new theme in Storybook


  • PB-17720: As AD I wish the account recovery setting page not to refresh infinitely
  • PB-17158: As LU I want to see an entropy at 0 when the typed passphrase is exposed in a data breach
  • PB-18370: As LU I want to see the user settings yubikey form matching the common form style
  • PB-18417: As AN I want to see the server key change error with the proper design
  • PB-17154: As AD I want to see the input field in user directory UI with the proper design


  • PB-18498: As a developer I wish to build the background page in manifest version 2 with webpack



  • PB-18415 Extends folder name length to 256 chars
  • PB-18645 Bump Ldap tools version for better PHP8.x support

  • PB-16898 Redesign download a supported browser to get started


  • PB-18380 Let passbolt-configure script setup certbot for RHEL9 support

  • PB-18405 Redirect on non-json request if no MFA settings are found

  • PB-16983 Handles the lack of permissions on image directory when deleting


  • PB-18650 Add a check on mysql status in order to run mysql commands only when it’s ready in unit tests
  • PB-18664 Add retry logic to Gitlab CI jobs

"Knight Of The Jaguar"

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