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v4.4.1 ~ Gimme Shelter (pro)

Release date: November 21st, 2023.

Release song:

Passbolt v4.4.1 is a maintenance release aimed at addressing issues reported by the community, which were introduced in the previous release.

The update addresses an issue concerning user roles in email notifications. Previously, administrators received notifications when another administrator was deleted. However, the deletion of any user, regardless of their administrator status, was incorrectly reported as an administrator deletion. This issue has been resolved.

Moreover, the release also fixes a critical issue encountered by administrators attempting to configure Single Sign-On (SSO) with Microsoft Azure AD (also referred to as Microsoft Entra). This regression was introduced in version 4.4.0 as part of the new OpenID provider support. Also the user synchronisation via active directory for users with very long names is now fixed.

We extend our gratitude to the community members who reported these issues. Your support and patience are greatly appreciated.

[4.4.1] - 2023-11-20


  • PB-28521 Alter the gpgkeys.uid column length to 769 to enable the synchronisation of user with very long names


  • PB-28728 Fix SSO Azure response_mode should be set to query by default to avoid session cookie SameSite issue
  • PB-27957 As an administrator I should be notified that an administrator was deleted only when an administrator has been deleted, and not a regular user


  • PB-27927 Remove unused user_agents table
  • PB-28616 Refactor the email digest plugin code for easier usage and maintainability
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