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v4.1.2 ~ Bella ciao (pro)

Release date: July 26th, 2023.

Version 4.1.2 of passbolt is a maintenance release mainly solving small bugs reported by the community on the API as well as the browser extension. The API ships with a fix that restores email notifications for organisations using NTLM to authenticate against their SMTP server. On the client side, the browser extension ships with a long time due improvement that will help users to distinguish look alike characters while previewing a password. Furthermore and in a continuous effort to provide the best user experience, the extension ships with fixes about the auto-fill capabilities. It should be more resilient and integrate better with web applications.

Thank you for helping us make Passbolt better!



  • PB-25472 Fix emails not sent for SMTP server using NTLM authentication


  • PB-25471 Crowdin should export only a selected subset of languages

Browser extension


  • GITHUB-188 PB-25251 As a signed-in user previewing a password, I should be able to distinguish look alike characters


  • PB-25502 Fix web navigation issue when a port already exists and port disconnection is not fired
  • PB-25339 Fix application refusing to load when detecting passbolt event activities
  • PB-25311 Fix as anonymous user with the browser extension not configured I should be redirected to passbolt getting started page when using the toolbar icon
  • PB-24933 Fix in-form menu detection not working when existing tab port disconnection occurs after webnavigation event


  • PB-25471 Crowdin should export only a selected subset of languages
  • PB-25272 Github actions updates for storybook
  • PB-25172 Remove former demo application, replaced by storybook
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