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Configure passbolt with the wizard

Configuration steps

Once your server is configured, you need to point your browser to the hostname / ip where passbolt can be reached. You will reach a welcome page.

passbolt welcome page before configuration fig. passbolt welcome page before configuration

Two options are available: Manual configuration and Wizard configuration. Choose Wizard configuration.

This tutorial will guide you through the different steps of the wizard. The manual configuration is not covered in this article.

1. Healthcheck

The first page of the wizard will tell you if your environment is ready for passbolt. If you used the install script, then it’s only a formality. Click on “Start configuration”.

wizard - healthcheck fig. wizard - healthcheck

2. Subscription key

At this step, the wizard will ask you for your subscription key. You should have received it by email soon after your online purchase. Enter it in the box.

wizard - subscription key fig. wizard - subscription key

3. Database

This step is about telling passbolt which database to use. Enter the host name, port number, database name, username and password.

wizard - database fig. wizard - database

4. GPG key

In this section you can either generate or import a GPG key pair. This key pair will be used by passbolt API to authentify itself during the authentication handshake process.

Generate a key if you don’t have one.

wizard - generate a key pair fig. wizard - generate a key pair

Import a key if you already have one and you want your server to use it.

wizard - import a key pair fig. wizard - import a key pair

5. Mail server (SMTP)

At this stage, the wizard will ask you to enter the details of your SMTP server.

wizard - smtp mail server details fig. wizard - smtp mail server details

You can also test that your configuration is correct by using the test email feature at the right of your screen. Enter the email address at which you want the wizard to send you a test email and click on “Send test email”.

wizard - test smtp settings fig. wizard - test smtp settings

6. Preferences

The wizard will then ask you what preferences you prefer for your instance of passbolt. The recommended defaults are already pre-populated but you can also change them if you know what you are doing.

wizard - preferences fig. wizard - preferences

7. Installation

That’s it. The wizard has now enough information to proceed with the configuration of passbolt. Sit back and relax for a few seconds while the configuration process is going on.

wizard - installation fig. wizard - installation

8. First user creation

Passbolt is now configured. You need to create the first admin user account. This first admin user is probably you, so enter your details and click on next.

wizard - first user fig. wizard - first user

9. That’s it!

Your user account is now created. You will see a redirection page for a few second and then will be redirected to the user setup process so that you can configure your user account.

wizard - completion and redirection fig. wizard - completion and redirection

Last updated

This article was last updated on April 9th, 2018.

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