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Install Passbolt CE Digital Ocean

Since march 2019 it is possible to install passbolt easily directly from Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean is an hosting provider based in the USA. In order to run passbolt you will need the following:

  • A Digital Ocean account
  • A domain name for example
  • Some level of access to point your DNS records to the new passbolt server

Create the droplet in Digital Ocean

The first step is to login in Digital Ocean (or create and setup an account). You can then head to Marketplace and search for passbolt.

It is recommended at the point that you have domain name (or subdomain). It is not mandatory but highly encouraged. Since passbolt web extension is tied to a domain name it will be easier to get it right upfront rather than using the IP address and changing the proper domain name later.

Go to the marketplace and search for passbolt, select the card and click on create droplet.

Create droplet fig. Create droplet

Choose a plan and the associated server matching at least the following requirements:

  • 1 GB
  • 1 CPU
Create droplet fig. Create droplet

Select your preferred datacenter region, and select additional options. You can upload your SSH keys to login into the machine once it’s created. Choose a hostname and click create.

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready.

Once created you can see the droplet was assigned an IP address. You can copy it and check if it is reachable and up and running.

Copy the IP address fig. Copy the IP address

Setup your DNS to point to the droplet

Next you need to point your domain DNS to this machine IP address. Please check Digital Ocean DNS documentation or your domain name provider help for this.

Wait until the DNS propagation is done. To check if it is done, ping your domain and it should resolve to this droplet IP. You can also check the propagation using online tools.

Login in the machine and get the mysql credentials

Ssh into this droplet as root:

ssh root@this_droplet_ip

or ssh Use this same ssh connection to gather the randomly generated mysql credentials in /root/.mysql_credentials you will need them for the web installation wizard.

Launch the install script and follow the instructions.

A script will be launched, choose the automatic configuration option and let the script guide you. Once you’re done, point your browser to the DNS assigned to the droplet: and you will then see the web installation wizard.

Provide the DNS name for the SSL script fig. Provide the DNS name for the SSL script
Choose auto for letsencrypt setup fig. Choose auto for letsencrypt setup

The installation wizard will ask you for a Mariadb/Mysql host. The droplet has mariadb-server installed by default so you could use as the mysql hostname and use the randomized user, password and database created during the droplet boot. You will find these credentials on /root/.mysql_credentials

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This article was last updated on March 1st, 2019.

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