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Roles and permissions FAQ

What are the main differences between passbolt resource permissions?

Passbolt offers three permissions at the resource level:

  • Owner: can manage share settings, delete, update, read.
  • Update: can update the record and delete.
  • Read: can only read and use the password metadata and secret.

Warning: A User with Update right is able to delete a resource. The main difference between Owner and Update right is the ability for the Owner to share a resource.

What happens when you delete a user who is sole owner of a resource shared with a group or user? Does the group/user keeps access to this resource or is it deleted?

When a user, sole owner of a resource, is about to be deleted, a popup window is displayed and passbolt admin will be asked to transfer ownership of the resource to the group or user.

Shared password ownership transfer fig. Shared password ownership transfer

If the deleted user was also the sole group manager, passbolt admin will promote another user of the group as group manager.

What happens when you delete a user who owns non-shared resources?

Unlike shared ones, non-shared resources of a deleted user will be deleted as well.

What is the difference between a group manager and group member?

The group manager is a group member who can add or delete users to a given group, and promote them as another group manager. No more, no less.

It is possible for a group member to share a resource he owns in “read-only” mode with the group. Group manager doesn’t have extra-rights to edit resources ownership.

Who can create a group in passbolt?

Only a passbolt administrator can create groups on passbolt.

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