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How to import passwords from a csv or kdbx file

How to import passwords in passbolt


  1. Make sure you have an edition of passbolt that supports import (at the time of writing this, it is only shipped with Passbolt Pro)
  2. Click on the “import” button at the top left, next to the “create” button.
  3. Select a file (supported files are kdbx or csv. More details below.)
  4. Click on “continue import”
  5. For kdbx files, you might need to enter a password. Enter it and click “Ok”.
  6. The import will start. You will see a progress bar.
  7. At the end of the import, you will see a report. After closing this window, you will see the passwords imported in your workspace.

Supported file formats

Passbolt import system supports the following file formats:

  • Kdbx (file format used by Keepass 2.x)
  • Csv - keepass export
  • Csv - 1password export
  • Csv - Lastpass export

If you’d like to request the support of a specific format, you can open a request on the community forum.

File format examples

Csv (Lastpass)


Csv (1Password)

Account1,account1,https://test.url,P4ssw0Rd!,Notes Account2,server,
Account2,account2,https://test.url,P4ssw0Rd!,Notes Account2,shell,
Account3,,,P4ssw0Rd!,Notes Account3,server

Csv (Keepass / KeepassX)

"My Servers","Account1","account1","P4ssw0Rd!","https://test.url","this is the description"
"My Servers","Account2","account2","P4ssw0Rd!","https://test.url","this is the description"
"My Servers","Account2","","P4ssw0Rd!","https://test.url",""

Keepass file

download example (the file is not password protected)

Not finding what you are looking for? You can also ask the community on the forum.

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