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How to import passwords from a csv or kdbx file

How to import passwords in passbolt


  1. Click on the “import” button at the top left, next to the “create” button.
  2. Select a file (supported files are kdbx or csv. More details below.)
  3. Click on “continue import”
  4. For kdbx files, you might need to enter a password. Enter it and click “Ok”.
  5. The import will start. You will see a progress bar.
  6. At the end of the import, you will see a report. After closing this window, you will see the passwords imported in your workspace.

Supported file formats

Passbolt import system supports the following file formats:

  • Kdbx (file format used by Keepass 2.x)
  • Csv - keepass export
  • Csv - 1password export
  • Csv - Lastpass export

If you’d like to request the support of a specific format, you can open a request on the community forum.

File format examples

Csv (Lastpass)


Csv (1Password)

Account1,account1,https://test.url,P4ssw0Rd!,Notes Account2,server
Account2,account2,https://test.url,P4ssw0Rd!,Notes Account2,shell
Account3,,,P4ssw0Rd!,Notes Account3,server

Csv (Keepass / KeepassX)

"My Servers","Account1","account1","P4ssw0Rd!","https://test.url","this is the description"
"My Servers","Account2","account2","P4ssw0Rd!","https://test.url","this is the description"
"My Servers","Account2","","P4ssw0Rd!","https://test.url",""

Keepass file

download example (the file is not password protected)

Not finding what you are looking for? You can also ask the community on the forum.

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