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How to update my subscription key

Step by step guide

Whether you want to replace your evaluation key with a subscription key, or update your subscription key with a new one you can follow the steps below.

Get ready

All the commands provided below should be done from inside your passbolt directory.

$ cd /var/www/passbolt


Passbolt Pro currently does not provide a UI to manage subscription keys.

To update your subscription key, you need to replace your previous subscription key with the new one. In passbolt, the subscription key is stored in /var/www/passbolt/config/license

To replace the existing subscription key with the new one:

$ cp -u path_to_your_new_subscription_key config/license

To check if the operation was successful and if the new subscription key is valid:

$ bin/cake passbolt license_check

If your key is valid, this command will display the passbolt logo.

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