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How to import SSL certificate on mobile application

Your passbolt server must have HTTPS enabled to be able to use passbolt mobile app.

If you are using self-signed certificates, you must import your server certificate to your mobile device.

The screenshots below assume you are importing a root CA certificate (in case your self-signed certificates are trusted by a local certification authority), but the procedure remains the same in case you import server certificate.

Not using iOS ? Click here for importing certificates on Android

Import certificate on iOS

Put certificate on your device and select it to install. You will be asked to review it in Setting app:

Download profile fig. Download profile

Go to Settings app and select “Profile Downloaded”

Select Profile Downloaded fig. Select Profile Downloaded

Your certificate informations will be displayed, select Install to install it:

Install profile fig. Install profile

Enter your iOS passcode:

Enter your iOS passcode fig. Enter your iOS passcode

Be warned than certificate won’t be usuable until you have enable it Certificate Trust Settings, select Install

Install profile warning fig. Install profile warning

Select Install:

Install profile fig. Install profile

Profile is installed, select Done:

Profile installed fig. Profile installed

To enable your certificate, go to Setting app > General > About and select Certificate Trust Settings:

Select Certificate trust Settings fig. Select Certificate trust Settings

Enable your new certificate and confirm by selecting Continue:

Select Certificate trust Settings fig. Select Certificate trust Settings

Import certificate on Android

Go to Settings > Security > Encryption & credentials and select Install a certificate:

Install a certificate fig. Install a certificate

Select CA certificate:

Select CA certificate fig. Select CA certificate

A warning is displayed, read it and only if you agree with it, select Install Anyway

Displayed warning fig. Displayed warning

Select your certificate:

Select your certificate fig. Select your certificate

Your certificate is installed:

Installed certificate fig. Installed certificate

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